Sceptoshield-1 Surface & Fogging Disinfectant

Sceptoshield-1 Surface & Fogging Disinfectant
Surface And Aerial Disinfection : Prevention From COVID-19

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SCEPTOSHIELD-1 ,   TWIN CHAIN 3RD Gen. Quaternary Ammonium Compound, EPA Registered, CDC Recommended  With Labeled Claim Over   CORONA VIRUS )


1. Cleaning:  

Dusting : Clean all the visible dirt/filth from all surfaces  by dry dusting By cloth, duster .

2. Mopping:  Dilution : make a solution with  15 ml. Sceptoshield- 1  in one liter of water , dip and squeeze the mop and wipe all the surfaces such as;

House Keeping Surfaces:

 Table Top, Doors, Windows, Walls, Door Handles, Facets, Laches,  Railings, Floor and other surfaces.

Medical Equipment surfaces:

Such as HD Machine surfaces, Dental Chair surfaces, Labs , X-Ray Machines surfaces etc. etc.

and all other surfaces  inevitably  touched repeatedly during the course of work.

Dip and Squeeze the mop every time you apply on next surface.

Precaution :  Do not on Fan , AC at the time of mopping, allow it to air dry so that the Sceptoshield 1 should give its Virucidal action in a desired time.

Mopping  : To be repeated  TWICE DAILY.

3. Fogging(Aerial Disinfection):  Prepare a solution of Sceptoshield -1, 15 One liter water proportion. Fill the tank of fogger machine  and fix the same in all the Close Rooms, Halls, Corridors etc, where ever

Fogging to be performed ,Run The fogger and create a mist (visible fog), keep the room close at least 30 Minutes or till the fog settled. After 30 min. On the AC for 20 Min and then enter in the room for use.

Precaution:  Keep all AHU/Fan/AC/Windows/Doors to be closed, otherwise fog will not be dense and desired effect of the Sceptoshield -1 will not be observed.

4. Entryway (Entry Tunnels) : Dilution 15 ml. in one liter of water.

To prevent cross contamination from area to area set the system to spray Fog must cover the entire path of doorway  and entrant must be in fog all around to ensure complete disinfection.  Set the system  So that a continuous wet blanket of sanitizer solution is delivered to the floor. This is to avoid any contaminations by footprints of the entrants.

No one should enter in the room during the Fogging (close rooms), till fog should  settled.

Were PPE during the use of the product to avoid any sensitivity.